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We specialize in refinishing customer owned pieces, and offer pick up & delivery services.

Small Kitchens

We offer free quotes for kitchens.

My name is Danette, and I am the owner/designer of The Birdcage Furniture! I have over 30 Years experience refinishing furniture & cabinets!

I am here bring your vision to life!

Give a Gift that Keeps Giving
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The Brass Armadillo

Christmas is right around the corner.... Head over to our booth and find some great gifts. All our furniture is 25% OFF!
The Brass Armadillo is open 7 DAYS A WEEK!

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Breast Cancer Awareness
A large group of Furniture Artists & Creatives joined together to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer in October 2020 by donating a piece created especially for the goal of bringing alittle happiness to either a Breast Cancer Warrior or Survivor.

The Birdcage Furniture painted a small Dixie Vanity & Bench for the event. We used Paint Couture | Vera at the Ballet with Antique Gold Accents.

We can not wait to do this again, and will be back in 2021. Thank you to everyone that participated, and congratulations to everyone that received a donation piece. We hope it brought alittle happiness to you!

We are currently closed and will re-open on Dec. 1st. We are still booking for Custom Furniture & Small Kitchens! If you would like to schedule your project please email us at thebirdcagefurniture@gmail.com

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Last Order Arrived:  October 9th, 2020 | Now Available at The Brass Armadillo | Phoenix


I would like to explain to everyone why DIY Paint is currently experiencing extended delays in their shipments. My hope that is everyone will understand and continue to support the DIY Brand during this unprecedented time we are all experiencing with the pandemic.

I spoke with the owner of DIY paint, Debi Beard to get a better understanding as to why the paint is taking so long to ship not only for myself but for the loyal customers that use DIY Paint. She explained to me in detail how the paint is made and where the ingredients come from.

DIY is a premium paint and the ingredients necessary to make this paint come from different countries around the world, and as many of you know that shipments are extremely delayed within the U.S. and even more so from other parts of the world so it takes even longer to arrive in the United States. The warehouse that makes the paint is waiting longer to receive the ingredients which slows down the process to produce the paint. They have also had to deal with the fact the packaging for the 8oz jars had become unavailable and they had to change their jars & lids to continue to produce the paint.

Debi is visiting the warehouse in January so that she has a greater understanding of the production & shipping process so they can fine tune any issues that may cause any additional delays.

I would like everyone to understand that other paint brands that are currently more readily available do not use the same quality of ingredients and can use multiple suppliers to acquire the ingredients to produce their paint quicker, but Debi is determined to deliver quality products even if that means that the shipments take a little longer than normal during this unprecedented time. DIY Paint as you know is unlike another paint on the market and Debi will not compromise the quality of her paint to ship it quicker.

Debi Beard is hopeful that in the near future that shipments will not exceed 3 weeks, but at this current time we are still experiencing 4+ weeks for shipments to arrive.

I am now offering the following options for Online Orders to offer the best possible customer service while shipments are delayed due to Covid-19.  These options are temporary and you will be notified by email when shipments are no longer delayed! 

Wait List:  Your order will be added to our next inventory order.  You will only pay a $25 deposit and pay the balance once the order is delivered.  Upon delivery you will receive an invoice via email.  You will have 24 hours to pay the invoice.  The $25 deposit will be deducted from your invoice.  If the invoice is not paid the $25 deposit will be forfeited and is Non-Refundable.

Drop Ship:  You will pay for your order in full including Shipping, and we will place your order immediately and it will be drop shipped from the DIY Warehouse.   Please allow 4-6 weeks for your order to arrive.  We will email you once your order has shipped with a tracking #.  Drop Ship orders are Non-Refundable.  

All of our current inventory is available at  The Brass Armadillo | Phoenix Location | Booth #204.   Open 7 Days a Week | 9:00a-9:00p

I value all my customers and I thank you all for your loyalty & understanding! I hope offering these new options will help accommodate you until DIY is no longer experiencing delayed shipping.