We are excited to be hosting our very 1st Furniture Flippin’ Bootcamp a Series of three 3 hour Workshops focusing on How to Prep, Paint & Finish a piece of furniture to flip for profit!

We will also teach you:

Paint Finishes we will be teaching during Boot camp:

We will help you avoid so many mistakes all New Flippers make!

Workshop 1 – Prep

  1. How to select good pieces to Flip – What to look for
  2. How to Fix/Remove Broken/Missing Trim, Appliques
  3. How to Fill in Holes/Minor Scratches with Wood Filler
  4. How to Clean your piece properly
  5. How to use Electric Sanders
  6. Learn the difference between the different grits of sand paper
  7. How to properly sand your piece
  8. How to know when you need a stain blocker and/or primer
  9. How to apply stain blocker and/or primer
  10. How to Use a Drill
  11. How to Drill Holes for New Hardware
  12. How to Clean the Hardware for your piece

Materials – Supplied to use during Class

Materials – Needed to bring to Class

Workshop 2 – Paint

  1. How to Select your Color Scheme
  2. How to Mix Colors
  3. How to Apply your Base Coat
  4. How to Layer
  5. How to Blend
  6. How to Apply paint for a Distressed Look
  7. How to Distress with a Sanding Block
  8. How to Wet Distress
  9. How to Sand Between Layers
  10. How to know when you need to seal in layers
  11. How to select the proper Paint Brush(s)
  12. How to use a Palette Knife

Materials – Supplied to use during Class

  • 4oz DIY Samples (12 Colors to Choose from)
  • Paint Pixie Paint Brushes
  • Sanding Blocks, Electric Sanders, Sand Paper
  • Clear Matte Spray Sealer

Materials – Needed to bring to Class

  • Project Piece from Day 1
  • DIY Paint (if you do not want to use the colors available)
  • Paint Brushes (if you do not want use the brushes supplied)
  • Mister Bottle
  • Putty Knife
  • Baby Wipes
  • Shop Rags

We will email you a list of all the available paint colors to use during class, and a special offer for a Bundle Package to use during Bootcamp! All materials supplied to you will be limited, and only select colors will be provided during boot camp. We recommend purchasing your own paint & finishing products for your project, but it’s not required.

Workshop 3 – Finish

  1. How to select the proper sealant for your piece
  2. How to Apply Big Top (Clear Poly)
  3. How to Apply Clear Wax
  4. How to Apply Dark Wax
  5. How to Make your Own Colored Wax
  6. How to Buff Wax
  7. How to use Dark & Decrepit to create an Aged Finish
  8. How to paint the Hardware (if you plan to paint the Hardware)
  9. How to select the proper finish for your Hardware
  10. How to Breakdown the Total Cost in your piece
  11. How to Calculate your Asking Price
  12. How to take a Professional Staged Photo

Materials – Supplied for use during Class

Materials – Needed to bring to Class

  • Project Piece from Day 1 & 2
  • Project Piece Hardware
  • Paint / Wax Brushes (to apply Big Top and/or Wax)
  • DIY Wax and/or Big Top OR Polycrylic
  • Shop Rags
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Baby Wipes
  • Mask (if you choose to use one)
  • Spray Paint for Hardware (if you do not want to use the colors available) If not spraying hardware disregard

We will only be using DIY Paint & Products during the Bootcamp. You can bring your own DIY Products or you can purchase all required DIY Products from us at each class. You can also purchase a Bootcamp Bundle when you register for a discounted price.

Bootcamp will be held in The Birdcage Furniture Workshop located in Surprise, AZ. Address available on Registration Page

All tickets MUST be purchased no later than March 31st, 2020. All tickets are Non-Refundable. Seating is limited!

We will be working outside under a pop-up tent and inside the workshop. Due to the temperatures in Arizona it may be warm… we will have water available. If you would like any other type of refreshments please feel free to bring them with you, we do have a refrigerator.

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Disclaimer: I am a DIY Paint Retailer, and I will be teaching you to use DIY Products but this Bootcamp is not a DIY Bootcamp!

Here’s a video explaining more information about the bootcamp…. It’s from my Facebook Live for some reason Facebook wouldn’t let me download so I couldn’t edit it! So I apologize LOL

We hope you make it to Bootcamp!

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