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Faux Wood Planks


Creating a Faux Wood Plank finish is super easy, and this project was done to add some style to my boring Arizona tan island. I am currently renting, and will want to paint over my finish when I decide to move so I chose products that I can easily paint over in the future.

I do not recommend using Chalk paint on walls if you are renting, but you can definitely use any type of paint of your choosing for this project.

Supply List

If you click on any of the links you will be redirected to Amazon so you can purchase the product.

Product List

All Paint used in this tutorial is BEHR, and can be purchased at The Home Depot. The quantity of paint needed will be based on the size of your project. I recommend using a matte or satin finish for walls.

Primary Color

Primary Color

Highlight Color

Sponge Color

How to Paint Faux Wood Planks


After cleaning the area with soap & water… Take your yard stick and measure out your planks. I used 5″ vertical planks. I used a pencil to mark my initial measurements to ensure all my planks were level before permanently marking them with the black sharpie.

Step 2:

I used my Paint Pixie Lil’ D brush to paint the base coat, and alternating Swiss Coffee & Ocean Boulevard. I did not cover the area thoroughly for the base coat. Do not worry about getting paint on the black outlines. Just be careful not to paint over them completely. You want to be able to see your guide lines.

Step 3:

Use your yard stick to create horizontal lines to create a staggered plank effect. If your vertical lines are gone you should outline them again before proceeding to the next step. If you make a guide you are not happy with don’t worry you can paint over it. I find it very helpful to have my guidelines when moving onto the next step.

Step 4:

You will be using Swiss Coffee (Color 1), Ocean Boulevard (Color 2) and Seaglass (Color 3). Blend all 3 colors to create dimension on your planks. Use the guidelines to help you create definition on each plank. I take my Lil D’ and paint on each side of the vertical planks alternating so each plank is defined.

Step 5:

Pour a small amount of the Rusty Red onto a paper plate, and wet your sponge. Dab a small amount of paint on the sponge, and randomly sponge on the Rusty Red on most of the planks. While your paint is drying take a small amount of the Swiss Coffee (Color 1) and put it in bowl/cup and add water. You basically want your water tinted with the white color. Apply the watered down paint in long strokes.

Step 6:

Pour a small amount of the Black paint onto a paper plate. You will want 2 paper plates. Roll your brayer through the paint on paper plate 1 and then rolling onto paper plate 2 then apply the paint to the stamp. Start with defining your planks with the stamp by applying the stamp over your vertical guidelines. Then use the horizontal stamp to create each plank.

Don’t forget to clean your stamps when you’re finished!

Step 7:

Use your artist brush to apply the glaze on the vertical lines, and then use a baby wipe to lightly wipe off. I used the glaze randomly on the top or bottom of the planks. I recommend adding alittle at a time, and go back over if necessary. Once I have defined my planks I added my knots randomly.

We are not a retailer for most of the supplies/products used in this tutorial, but you can click on the links to find the supplies online, and we do receive a small commission for all supplies purchased on Amazon! We are not a stockist for IOD, but the stamp is amazing, and highly recommend purchasing it. You can find a local IOD stockist on their website.

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