Welcome to Chunky Monkeys! 

Thank you for scanning the code on our business card! 

We are still in the process of building our website and online ordering system. 

Please contact us directly to place a custom order via – WhatsApp, Text or Email

All orders placed for Christmas Gifts MUST be received by December 11th, 2021

Tumbler Custom Orders

You can submit the following to be used on tumblers:

  • Photographs
  • Business Logos
  • Inspiration Images

Please send the largest or original size photos from your mobile camera roll.

Photos must be scanned from a computer if you are wanting a hardcopy of a photo to be used on a tumbler.   

If we do not think the photo is a high enough resolution, we will notify you to either submit a new file or photo.

Business logos need to be on a transparent background in PDF or PNG format.

We can re-create a similar design from an inspiration image – but they will not be exactly the same design.

Graphical Stories:

If you would like a design based on the elements of what you or your gift recipient interests & likes are please tell us as many details as possible 


  • Name of Person/Pet
  • Favorite Color
  • Type of Pet
  • Occupation
  • Favorite Sports, Activities, Interests, Destinations
  • Favorite Animals or Cartoons

The more information you provide the better we can create a cohesive design.

Cartoon Characters:

We can create a cartoon character of a person or pet if you supply a photo of the person and/or pet for an additional fee.

If you would like a character created, please submit a photo of person or pet. 

The fee varies between – Min Fee:  $10    Max Fee:  $25    per character

You will be notified of the fee once we review the photo(s) submitted. 

You can also add any of the following to your tumbler:

  • Glitter               $10+
  • Rhinestones    $10+
  • Drips:                $5+
    • Ice Cream
    • Blood
    • Slime

Turnaround Times:

Once we receive your photos, logos or specifications for the design, please allow 1-3 business days to receive a proof via email.  

Once you approve the design and final payment is received it will be printed and made the following morning.

If we are adding glitter, rhinestones or drips please allow an additional 4-7 business days.

We will send you either a photo or video of your tumbler before we package it for delivery.

Please email orders@chunkymonkeys.co with any questions you have about the design process. We are more than happy to assist you any way we can!

A min. 50% Deposit of your total order is due upon receipt of your order!  Final Payment is due upon approval of your design.


Call or Text:  623-556-3401 

Email:  orders@chunkymonkey.co

All custom orders are at regular price! If we were running a special at an event, show or market the sale prices offered at the event, show or market are ONLY good if the order was placed at the event, show or market.