Cartoon Editing

We custom create each character by hand.  We do not use a “cartoon app”. 

 You can use your design on any printing & marketing materials. 

Great for T-Shirts, Mugs, Promotional Products, Banners, and more! 

At this time we are do not doing any pet images! 

We will send you background options once your characters are ready for your review.
Please only upload photos of the people you want edited. Upload the "Original or Largest" File
Please allow 3-5 Days to receive your proof via email.
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We can create you a Layered Vector file so you can plot your character on your Cricut or any plotter of your choice.  


You can have your design printed on ANY type of print product.  Just to name a few...

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Car Magnets
  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs

For use on Social Media & Website. 

  • JPG for solid or fun background.
  • PNG for transparent background.  You can use a PNG to overlay on images.  

How can I help you today? 

If your photo has a piece of furniture & mirror please select Multiple Pieces

Business Hours:  Monday – Friday

If you are submitting a photo(s) on Friday, Saturday or Sunday it will be completed on Monday! 

How can I help you today? 


Main Shot
  • Get Level / Head on Shot
  • The tops & sides should not be visible
  • Get best possible lighting that reflects the actual colors of piece.
  • Get as close as possible w/o cutting off any parts of the piece. 
  • The background doesn't matter if we are replacing the walls & floors
Angle Shot

Angle shots show case extra details you have on either side of the piece. 

  • Angle the piece so you can see the side & slightly the front
  • The top should NOT be visible
Detail Shot

Detail Shots are good to have when you have additional details that are not shown in the Main or Angle Shot.

  • Inside Cabinet Doors
  • Sides of the Drawers
  • Top of the piece 
Glass Doors

If you have a piece of furniture that has glass doors please take a photo of the piece with the doors open & closed

  • Take photo with & without staging props of the inside if you are using staging props

Take individual shots of each chair you submit to be edited. 

  • Get a Level / Head on Shot
  • Get as close as possible
  • If the chair has spindles please take photo in front of a contrasting background
  • Get best possible lighting that reflects the actual color of piece

Please take an individual shot of the table if its in a set. ( Dining Room or End tables/Nightstands)

  • Get Level / Head on Shots
  • The top should not be visible
  • Get best possible lighting


turnaround times

Business Hours: Monday - Friday

If you are submitting your order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday it will be completed on Monday. 

We guarantee completion by end of the next business day at 2:00p MST.

File Size

If you submit a photo that is too low of resolution we will contact you via email or messenger to re-submit a new photo. 

  • Please submit images that are raw that have not been cropped, filtered or edited. 
  • If submitting on your phone select largest or original file size. 

We highly recommend adding a watermark to all your photos.

If you are a new client and we do not have your watermark on file please upload the Light & Dark version of your watermark. 

If a logo or watermark we can create a custom logo and/or watermark for you.  

Content Creators

If you are a content creator and would like the "Brand Logo" on your photos we will create one with your logo only and one with both logos for no additional cost. 

  • Please upload a light & dark version of the Brand Logo

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